3 Cute Dog Collar Designs

At Cute Pup Gear, we’re always looking to bring you cute dog collar designs and quality products. Most importantly, we have to make things super cute before they make it onto our store.

That’s why we’re going to go over 3 cute dog collar designs that will help your dog dazzle everyone at the dog park!


Dog Collar Design #1: Waikiki

Cute Pup Gear - Cute Dog Collar - Island Theme Dog Collar - Waikiki Ruff Waves

We love bright and dazzling colors here at Cute Pup Gear, and they can make your dog’s total get-up pretty swag-y. Blue pastels with lightly colored flowers definitely add a sense of cool and confident excitement that screams, “Hey, I’m here! I’m cute. Pet me!”

Dog Collar Design #2: Bella

Cute Pup Gear - Dog Collars - Bark Couture

Blues and pastels are wonderful dog collar designs that calm and soothe, but noting is classy like a simple polka dot design with pink-golden finish. Pick up your Louis Vuitton handbag and place this collar on your pup, and you’re set to blow everyone’s Devil away from Prada and over to Cute Pup Gear.

You’re dog will feel like (s)he’s on the streets of Paris, France eating the finest of patte and baguettes. Simple yet stylish gets the job done here. Yes. Oui Oui.


Dog Collar Design #3: Lilo

Cute Pup Gear - Paradise Style Dog Collar - Pink Paradiso

Want your pup to be a mountain man dog? Sometimes, we do too! But other times we want them to be an island princess!

Our Pink Paradiso collar will set your dog apart from the rest. It grabs your attention and draws your focus onto the island greens and tropical atmosphere, making you wish you were walking your dog down Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

So what are you waiting for! Check out all our cute and durable collar designs that will turn heads and last forever!

Ready to make your dog look cute?

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