About Us

Our Story

Charlie, Charlito, Baby Boy is the love of our lives. He’s the best dog there ever was, and he’s always been a high class diva that doesn’t settle for anything.

We wanted to make sure he had the best collars, leashes, bandanas, and more that would be as cute as he was, but his cute gear never lasted. Charlie LOVES to run, play, scratch, nibble, and bark to the max, but his cute gear just couldn’t keep up with him.

Shopping at the big box stores, we found it hard to find dog gear that was both cute AND durable. That’s why we created Cute Pup Gear: dog collars, leashes & more that turn heads and last forever!

Now Charlie and other dogs across the world can get cute designs and quality gear that hold up to the highest standards. We frequently get asked at the dog park, “Hey, where’d you get that cute dog collar?” We know you will too.

So quit buying bad gear, get the best for your dog, and make ’em a Cute Pup, just like Charlie.

Our Company

Cute Pup Gear provides you and your dog with the best gear and cute designs at a fair price. We’re committed to fairness, honesty, and customer service. We’re not happy unless you are.

Our Team

Cute Pup Gear - Nick Canfield

Nick Canfield

Co-Founder & Charlie's Uncle

Alyssa & Charlie

Alyssa Canfield

Co-Founder & Charlie's Mom

Cute Pup Gear - Vohn Precioso

Vohn Precioso

Co-Founder & Frenchie Lover

Ready to dazzle at the dog park?